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Broadband Deals: How to choose the one that’s right for you

To find the answer to the question: which broadband package/deal is right for me? There are a number of things that need to be taken into consideration. In this guide we talk you through the options so you know how to choose the deal that’s right for you.

Data Allowance

By working out on average how long you spend online and what you surf the web for, you will get an idea of how much data allowance you’ll need. Data allowance starts at 5GB a month for the cheapest packages and are unlimited on the superfast deals.


The faster the connection the more you’ll be paying so the speed you choose is vital, otherwise you can end up paying for an expensive package you simply don’t need. Typically around 10mbps will be enough to satisfy the needs of the casual user, but if you’re intent on streaming HD TV shows you’ll need something much faster. The fastest packages offer speeds of over 100mbps so no matter what your needs there will be a package out there to suit you.

Don’t forget line rental

Even though landlines are being used less and less these days, you’ll still need one to sign up to a broadband deal. The reason landlines are such an important issue when it comes to broadband is the cost of line rental. Most companies offer the broadband part of the package for a minimal fee – sometimes as little as £2 a month. This can seem like an unbeatable deal until you find out you’ll be charged £15 a month for line rental, meaning you’ll actually be paying £17 a month. By not being lured in by a deal that seems too good to be true so by looking at the cost of line rental you can avoid a nasty surprise when you receive you’re first bill, and be able to see which package really is the cheapest.


EE: Offers unlimited broadband for as little as £1.95 a month, and offers speeds of up to 17mbps. You can also make a big saving by paying the 12 months worth of line rental upfront, doing this will cost you £132 if not it’s £15.75 a month (£189 for the year). This deal also comes with free installation.

Sky: With Sky you can now get unlimited broadband for free, this package comes with speeds of up to 17mbps, and all you need to do is pay £16.40 a month (£196.80 for the year)

Virgin: Do things slightly differently they charge you nothing for line rental, and offer super-fast fibre optic broadband – with speeds of up to 50mbps for £26.50 a month. This deal does come with a free router, but there is an installation charge of £50.

BT: Can offer you speeds of 16Mbps, with broadband costing £16 a month and £15.99 line rental. This may not sound that competitive when compared to the others, but this package does come with the BT sport app (free) as well as unlimited free weekend calls. You can also upgrade to a much faster 38mbps option for an extra £3 a month.

Compare what else is out there

In addition to the deals we’ve mentioned there are several other companies offering deals in the broadband market. So by using a price comparison site you’ll be able to compare deals from all the major providers in just a few clicks and search through offers based on what you need. However, a comparison site may not to list all the deals currently available so by checking out more than one, you’ll get a much better idea of the market.

Hidden Charges

Be sure to read you’re broadband contract carefully and make a note of any additional charges you were previously unaware of. Hidden charges can be things such as the cost of a router, penalties for exceeding your download limit or the cost of cancelling your contract if you decide to switch.

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