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Broadband, TV & Phone Packages: do you save with bundled deals?

More often than ever before, UK customers are choosing bundled broadband deals, which include broadband, TV and home phone services all in one package. They can save you money and save the hassle of having to find three different deals by consolidating all your payments into one easy to manage monthly contract.

In this guide we talk you through what you should be taking into consideration if you're thinking about taking out a complete broadband package.

What do I need?

This should be the first thing to ask yourself before looking for a broadband, TV and phone package. Consider how often you go online, what TV channels you typically watch and how often you use your landline. By doing this you can narrow down the options out there and chances are you won’t have to pay out quite as much as you were expecting.


While this won’t affect the TV and phone line part of the deal, depending on where you live will in some cases dictate which broadband service you’ll be able to receive. If you live outside the major cities and towns, particularly if you live in more rural areas the broadband coverage will be limited and will affect the packages you’ll be able to sign up to. By using a postcode checker, you’ll be able to check the network coverage in your area and find out just what broadband services you can get.

Watch out for extra costs

All bundled plans have some form of extra or hidden charges that can surprise an unsuspecting customer. These charges can range from the cost of installation, to a charge for the delivery of the router, service activation and in some cases the cost of installing a new phone line. So before signing up to any bundled broadband, TV and phone package be sure to check all the details of the deal to avoid committing to what seems like a great deal, but in the long run could end up costing you more than other seemingly more expensive offers.

Compare broadband, TV and phone deals

If you’re currently paying three separate bills for your broadband, TV and phone, or if you are thinking of adding a third service into the mix, by paying your bills separately you could be shelling out much more than you need to. By visiting a comparison website, you’ll be able to search through all the latest deals from all the major providers and find the package(s) that best suits your needs. To really give yourself the best choice of packages try checking out more than one site as comparison sites tend not to list absolutely every deal available and you might deals on one site you might not find on another, and vice versa.

Do I need unlimited broadband?

If you use any of the following internet services, you will probably be better off with unlimited broadband:

> Catch-up TV

> Netflix movie streaming

> YouTube

> Backing up photos or videos to online Cloud storage

> Online gaming

Do I need a broadband package with superfast fibre?

Superfast fibre uses fibre optic cables to deliver the internet to your home. The minimum speed is 38Mbps which is much faster than ADSL, which is delivered over a copper telephone line.

Superfast fibre optic broadband is available with broadband packages from the likes of Virgin Media, Sky, BT and Plusnet, and is the best possible option for people who intend to stream TV or download large files.

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