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BT Broadband: What You Need To Know Before Signing UP

One of the big four broadband providers in the UK – Sky, Talk Talk and Virgin being the other three – BT was one of the early adopters of broadband technology. Nowadays they offer numerous different packages at varying prices to suit pretty much anyone and everyone's needs.

Thinking about signing up for BT Broadband? Here's what's on offer and what you need to know.

What does BT offer?

ADSL BroadbandYes
Fibre Optic BroadbandYes
Call PackagesYes
TV PackagesYes (via YouView box)
Mobile PhonesYes
BT SportYes
Sky SportsYes (for BT Infinity customers)

BT Broadband packages currently available

BT Infinity: Is BT’s superfast broadband service offering you an unlimited amount of download allowance and connection speeds of up to 75MB. By choosing a package with unlimited usage you’ll be able to stream live TV, play online games and download songs and movies without having to worry about going over your allowance and facing a penalty charge. BT infinity is best suited to either someone who is a bit of an online addict and is always surfing the web in one way or another. Additionally this option is also popular with families who have lots of different devices connected to the internet at any one time.

Standard BT Broadband: Gives you speeds of 17MB as well as offering a reliable and consistent connection. If you opt for standard broadband you can upgrade to infinity and receive a few extras such as online security and storage. Standard BT broadband is best suited to those who use the internet regularly but who aren’t online for hours and hours on end; and also don’t have multiple devices connected to the internet at any one time.

BT Wi-Fi: One of the big advantages of being a BT broadband customer is that you have access to any of the 5 million or so Wi-Fi hotspots around the UK. these hotspots allow you to easily, and wirelessly, connect to the internet just as you would at home from either your smartphone, tablet, laptop or notebook.


> New customers get 12 months discounted broadband when purchasing online

> Store files, photos & entertainment with up to 500GB secure cloud storage

> Free BT Home Hub or Smart Hub with super reliable Wi-Fi

BT Bundles

As well as offering broadband BT also offer several bundle packages that come with TV and phone service as part of the deal. the BT TV service offers access to around 70 Freeview channels – as well as the BT sport channels and catch up TV services via a Youview set-top box.

BT Deals

Unlimited BT Broadband: this is a standard BT broadband package and comes with speeds of up to 17MB which makes it ideals for casual browsers. As with many other BT broadband deals this package comes with free weekend calls to UK landlines. With this deal you’ll need to sign up to a 12 month contract and line rental will set you back £16.99 per month.

Unlimited BT Infinity: Perfect for heavy internet users, this package comes with speeds of up to 38MB. It also comes with a £30 activation charge and line rental is £16.99 a month, but you can make a big saving by paying 12 months line rental in one go.

Compare other BT Deals

As BT are one of the major broadband providers they have an array of different offers, so to narrow down the choice and find the deals that best suit your need make a quick visit to a comparison site.

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