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Business Broadband: Fast, Cheap & Reliable?

In this day ang age no businesses can be totally offline. And that's regardless of the size and line of business. Many businesses are now heavily reliant on broadband to connect with their customers, so having an affordable and reliable business broadband package is crucial.

In this guide we talk you through the business broadband options that are available on the UK market.


Arguably the most important consideration you’ll need to make when deciding between business broadband packages. As well as the usual risks, such as a virus, there are other serious threats that tend to cause more harm to businesses than individuals such as data loss and phishing scams, which can be a huge drain on resources. A proper security package for a business should include at the very least anti-virus, spam filtering and protection against spyware.


Business broadband package will obviously be much faster than standard home broadband, but keep a look out for the providers who actively prioritise business traffic and provide higher upload and download speeds making the transfer of any data much faster.


If you take out a business broadband package you’ll receive a much higher level of customer service and technical support, and most providers will offer some form of prioritised support so you can get help round the clock.

Download-Upload allowance

As your business is likely to need to download – and upload – much more than the average household you will need a business broadband package with extensive download limits or even a package that comes with unlimited download allowance. Also your business could be web related; if this is the case you’ll also want to look at any upload limits a package may come with.

Mobile Business Broadband

A key issue with broadband, particularly for some businesses, is portability; but mobile technology aimed at the business sector has made significant strides in recent years and the right package can offer great connection speeds and reliability. 3G can offer speeds of up to 20Mbps which is plenty to get online and catch up on those emails or check the calendar to see when the next big meeting is. Most of the major mobile broadband providers offer some form of dedicated business service which you can use to access your files anywhere anytime. If you feel 3G won’t be enough for you to work on the go why not consider 4G. It’s been rolled out across most of the major cities and towns in the UK and offers much greater connection speeds and data allowance. Despite there currently being no dedicated 4G mobile business broadband at present, you have to think it’s only a matter of time.


To really sweeten the deal when you sign up to a business broadband contract, a lot of the major providers are now offering extras in one form or another, they tend to include:

Web Space: While a lot of deals now come with a certain amount of web space, the quality is fairly low grade and is really only good for supporting a basic static style website.

Email Packages: Another fairly common extra that gets thrown in, this can range from a single email account and go right up to a highly sophisticated multi-mailbox system.

Software: Depending on which business broadband package you choose, you might find some software thrown in with your package (anti-virus, spam management etc.) Sometimes the free software you can get will be of great use other times it has just been put in with the package to make it look more appealing.

Domain Name: If you’re looking for your businesses first business broadband package this will arguably be the most useful extra. A domain name is the registered web address for your company, and there are plenty of deals that offer this option as a free extra.

Which providers offer business broadband?

1. BT broadband:

they offer business broadband packages that are suitable for small to medium with light usage needs to larger firms who may need unlimited downloads. Choose BT's fibre business broadband and you'll get an even faster speed of 76Mbps.

2. Virgin Media broadband:

Thanks to their superfast fibre optic broadband network, Virgin Media are able to offer fast and reliable broadband speeds that aren't affected by the distance your business is located from the telephone exchange of up to 152Mbps.

3. TalkTalk broadband:

TalkTalk's business broadband deals offer speeds of up to 76Mbps and prioritise business traffic, making it one of the fastest available in the UK.

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