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Privacy Policy

The following privacy policy outlines how CheapBroadbandOnline uses visitor data when submitting information to our website. Under no circumstances does CheapBroadbandOnline share any personal information left on the website unless outlined below.

Use of Cookies

This website does not use cookies to track user activity.

Server Logs

Our server logs collect the following information;
IP Address
User Location
Pages Visited
Duration of visit

These stats help us understand, analyse and optimise our website in line with our users’ habits.

None of the statistics we record can be traced back to any individual, although through the collection of IP addresses; we may know the domain name of your computer.

If you operate an internal firewall or go through an internet proxy, your IP address will not be recorded. The server logs cannot be used to track back to any one individual instead it is a summary of all our users’ activity.


We use online advertising to monetise CheapBroadbandOnline. In order to monetise our traffic we may show a series of hyperlinks to third party companies who operate their own privacy policy. Please be aware that any information submitted on third party websites is at your own risk and CheapBroadbandOnline does not carry any responsibility or liability as to how they might use your data.

Privacy Policy Changes

On the rare occasion we decide to change/update our privacy policy, we will clearly show all the changes so you can decide whether you wish to continue using our website. If you have any questions regarding our Privacy Policy please email: [email protected].